Take your shoes off and stay awhile

Don't be fooled by other "Big Box" appraisal firms who promise superior service and quality that can not be delivered from "trainees" who are often sent out to complete appraisal inspections without the help of trained competent Certified Residential Appraisers. This could possibly lead to overlooked details about the property and could compromise the results of the valuation. At Redd Appraisal a highly trained and State Certified Appraiser will always inspect the property and will always complete every part of the valuation process. You can TRUST Redd Appraisal Service to provide a quality product every time. Mortgage lenders, consumers, Realtors and legal professionals have called upon Redd Appraisal Service, Inc for two generations over the last 50 years to provide high-quality value estimates on a wide assortment of property in West Central Illinois and Northeast Missouri. Redd Appraisal Service where the name of the company and the name at the door match every time!


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